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Sinopharm Tech Holdings Limited (the “Company,” together with its subsidiary collective as the “Group”) was founded in 1999, and was successfully listed on the GEM board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited in November 2002. (Company formerly known as : China Vanguard You Champions Holdings Limited) Stock code: 8156.

The Group’s business provides “Internet Plus” solutions in industries within Health , Government Affairs, Leasing , Lottery and Public Security. While striving to carry out the “Internet Plus” business, the Group is committed to creating a closed eco-system to provide product and services to be seamlessly delivered online and offline to users. Also as a leading lottery solutions provider to China’s sports and welfare lottery industry, the Group provides leading lottery equipment, software, related services and integrated marketing solutions via a comprehensive lottery distribution network for China’s Sports and Welfare Lottery authorities located throughout the Country.

By utilizing our own advantages, the Group has successfully achieved cooperation relationships with a number of industry leaders, including the cooperation with JD.COM INTERNATIONAL LIMITED as supplier; being a priority strategic partner of Tencent Cloud; the in-depth cooperation with Sinopharm Traditional Chinese Medicine Co. Ltd. within the health industry and being nationally authorized by the Shenzhen Branch of China UnionPay Co. Ltd. on housing lease related businesses.

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